PT. Rajawali Berdikasi Indonesia (Radikari)

PT. Rajawali Berdikasi Indonesia (Radikari)


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PT RAJAWALI BERDIKARI INDONESIA was Establish From 2014, leading by the visionary Vertebra Lumbalis, and now has 1,600+ employes in 6 Big cities in Indonesia. Radikari is a Digital channel customer experience management Company with over 500 seats in three location, based in Depok City. Radikari specialize in the areas of Contact Center, Customer Care, Business Support and Software Development & Maintenance. Radikari has established reputation in providing leadership and accountability in supporting our customers operation.


PT. Rajawali Berdikasi Indonesia (Radikari) merupakan perusahaan jasa yang mengoperasikan layanan terkelola sebagai perushaan Busines Process Outsourcing (BPO).

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